How can a HYPNOTIST help you grow your business?

Jason Linett has used the principles of rapport and modeling to track what top business performers and professional athletes do differently to build his own million-dollar brand.

Now... you will learn his tested principles and proven strategies to WORK SMART as you start-up or scale up your business.

Rather than just ‘hypnotize’ you to become more successful, he will help you de-hypnotize the misconceptions, fears, doubts, and ineffective strategies that are holding back your business success. 

The process isn't magical, though the results can be magical.

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Empower yourself to WORK SMART in your business.

Whether you are looking to START-UP or SCALE-UP, this book will hand you the easy-to-implement strategies to stand out in any marketplace. 



It’s hard to see the forest with all those trees in the way! Rise above challenges with a dash of creativity.



Discover how you can duplicate yourself. Automate your efforts so your focus can be on growth.



Go beyond habit. Lock in your new behaviors as something sacred.



Create relationships rather than customers. Position yourself as an authority within your field to provide maximum value… to receive maximum value!

...and so much more!

“Work Smart Business inspires us to be better business owners. When we understand the how and the why behind our business efforts, we can rapidly and effectively scale our business success. The more crowded your marketplace, the more competition you have, the more you will get from this book!” 

Geoffrey Ronning - CEO of

“This book will inspire you to think differently about success. It's full of practical, real-world strategies to discover powerful ways to scale your business.” 

Michael Matthews - Best-Selling Author of Bigger, Leaner, Stronger 

“Jason Linett clearly knows what he's talking about. Hell, he quotes me in his book, and I have no idea what better recommendation YOU think there is available to an author...” 

Kevin Pollak - Actor, Comedian, Podcaster, Author 

“Jason's book mesmerized me into new strategies that have already paid off. He shows the value of big-picture thinking that helps individuals and organizations break past their perceived limitations to create viral success.”

Dr. Richard Nongard - Author of "Viral Leadership"

“Jason Linett has something special. He has the smarts, the goods, and most important, the integrity I look for in any coach. Integrity is everything. This book will teach you how to build what he has built. You must read this book. It will save you from reading 50 other books.” 

Catherine Hickland - TV Star, Author, and CEO of

Discover the POWER of PREMISE

Rather than the "law of attraction," this book is about TAKING ACTION. You will learn to hypnotically shift your perspective to let every possible road-block along your journey become a greater motivation to succeed. 



Real-World Experience

The worst business advice I ever received is what made me an instant success. Travel through Jason Linett's journey to model "what's working now" as you start-up or scale-up your business. If I could create a million-dollar brand in a world where I had to convince some people I wouldn't HYPNOTIZE them to cluck like a chicken, your journey will much more direct!

Click this button to receive FREE in your email two powerful strategies for Ethical Influence. THE POWER OF PREMISE: Powerful Influence to Change Your Thinking PACING AND LEADING: Ethical Influence with Others

Meet Jason Linett

Jason is a featured TEDx speaker. He was honored as the “Hypnotist of the Year.” He is invited to travel the world sharing the methods that have not only made him successful but also have been duplicated by others to create their own financial freedom. 

In addition to coaching private clients, Jason’s programs have been downloaded more than a million times worldwide. 

While building a successful business is a great goal to strive toward, Jason is most proud of his ability to do so and be present in the lives of his wife and two children

Begin to WORK SMART today!